Ageless Male Side Effects

Does Ageless Male have any side effects?

Ageless Male™ is made by New Vitality, a well established U.S. manufacturer of numerous health and wellness products for men, women and children..

The company website is extensive, professionally designed and easy to navigate, offering a good deal of product and company information, although this does not include any scientific data from clinical trials or studies whose findings would verify any of the product’s claims, and there are no customer testimonials provided promoting the benefits of Ageless Male™.

According to the website, ‘Ageless Male™ is an all natural dietary supplement clinically demonstrated to increase testosterone levels by 61%, but still within a normal healthy range. Ageless Male may also help reduce the harmful hormones like DHT and estradiol that build up in a man’s body over time. With Ageless Male™ you can support healthy hormonal balance. Give your testosterone levels a boost naturally.’

Ageless Male™ contains none of the top five ingredients scientifically found to be critical to the effectiveness of male enhancement products; L-Arginine, Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed/Epimedium, Tongkat Ali/Eurycoma Longifolia and Cnidium Monnier.

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The product contains only two substances, Saw Palmetto (a potent aphrodisiac, commonly found in enhancement products) and Astaxanthin (a powerful antioxidant found in shrimp, krill, salmon and other seafood ), though neither would be considered critical to a male enhancement product’s performance.

Unfortunately there is no indication of the individual quantities of any of the ingredients in Ageless Male™, making it very difficult to assess their effectiveness or that of the product itself.  Regardless, previous research has shown that those enhancement products which feature two or less essential ingredients will not perform as well as those which contain two or more critical substances.

New Vitality offers a 30 day money back guarantee on the product, stating;

‘100% Satisfaction Guarantee – You may use Ageless Male™ for 30-days absolutely risk free. If you do not see or feel the results, simply return the bottle of Ageless Male™ and you’ll receive a prompt and complete refund of your purchase price less shipping and handling. No questions or explanations required…your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.’

Based on our research, it is difficult to suggest that Ageless Male™ is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, as it contains no essential ingredients and doesn’t indicate the quantities of any of its contents.

We therefore do not recommend its use as a viable male enhancement product.

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Soft gel Capsules

Serving size:

2 Daily


30 Days




No essential ingredients

Only 2 ingredients/no quantity information